"Revealed: Transform Your Embarrassing Sweaty Palms To Be Bone Dry In 3 Quick and Easy Steps." 

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Debbie's Testimonial


Do you often avoid shaking hands with new people? Have you seen that look in their eye when you do – as if you are someone who cannot be trusted? Do you know the alternative is to shake hands and see a look of disgust instead? Are wet hands preventing you from holding the hand of the one you love. Or dancing with someone you would really like to get to know better?

It is not fair that something like this is causing you so much emotional distress – stop sweaty palms TODAY. 

This scientifically developed, 100% natural program will fix your problem forever – we guarantee it. In fact later on we will tell you about our guarantee; it is astounding. 

Newly developed, with extremely promising reviews from the field, this powerful system will have your hands dry and soft within 10 days.

ü      No doctors

ü      No ongoing fees

ü      No prescription pills or medications

ü      No surgery

ü      And absolutely no excess moisture on your palms


This revolutionary treatment will give you back control of your social life as it works its magic in unraveling the condition that makes your palms wet, slippery and off-putting.

But don't just take my word for it..


Listen to what Alice has to say about The Sweaty Palms Program;



"Can't remember when i've been this dry.."


Alice Craddock
Birmingham, UK

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Here is a word from the man who developed this amazing system.

Dear Fellow Sufferer,

I know just how you feel when you know that your hands are sweaty and disgusting to others. Anyone who has not suffered with this condition would really not have a clue about how limiting and embarrassing it can be.

But I have suffered and I really do know.

As is often the case this powerful program was developed in response to one person’s desperation to cure something that was driving them nuts. I lived with gross, sweating palms for 20 years and in that time I tried absolutely everything to fix the problem.

I thought the doctors were the best way to find something to help me so that is where I went.


Ø      Boxes and boxes of expensive medication.

Ø      Loads more money spent on a painful machine that zapped me with electricity and finally

Ø      Botox injections!

I learned a lesson.

Doctors don’t have all the answers. If they do think they have the answer there is a good chance that is because that is what they were told by the pharmaceutical rep who treated them to an expensive dinner last night.

It is not my intention to belittle the medical establishment but I know one thing for sure; nothing they did worked for me – but it did cost me a fortune. 

Once I realized doctors were no use I set about trying to find the answer myself. And after much research, tons of experimentation and the building of an awesome team to help me out I have developed the definitive cure.

It worked for me.

And it has worked for thousands (and counting) of others. To show you I have included their testimonial videos. I don’t apologize for the rough and ready nature of the videos. These are not slick testimonials scripted by some copywriting genius they are the real words of people just like you, people motivated by their delight at finally having perfectly dry hands.

As you will see in a minute from my price I am not trying to get rich for this cure. I have had enough reward in finally being rid of the social disaster that sweaty palms cause.

That is why the reasonable price you will see in a minute reflects only my desire to recoup some of the many thousands I have spent developing the system and, of course to help other people like me.

Please accept this system at this astounding price with my best wishes.

And make sure you check out the amazing guarantee that makes the small purchase price completely risk free.


Which sweating treatment do you want?

  Deodrants  Botox Surgery Sweaty Palms Program
Natural?  No, full of harmful chemicals. No, botox is one of the most unnatural substances in the world!  No, anything that requires a knife and anesthetic isn't natural! Yes, uses natural elements
Cost? Deodrants range from $15 to $50 and typically last for 2 weeks before you need to buy more. Extremely expensive yearly purchase.   Extremely expensive and not guarenteed to work.   One time payment of $29.97 
Proven to work?  Mixed reviews, for those who it does work for, there are side effects. No guarentee of it working.  No guarentee of it working.  Proven results from hundreds of users. Guarentee of working.  
Side effects?  Strong smells, irritations  Injections, cost, mpain  Surgery complications, pain  New found confidence!



sweaty palms

Sarah's Video Testimonial


sweaty palms scam

Here's the "dirty little secret" the sweating treatment industry doesn't want you to know; they’re well aware of the fact you are doomed to fail with their unproven deodrants, pills and botox injections. Just like nobody wants to build a car that lasts a lifetime… just like kitchen appliances are designed to malfunction after the warranty expires... sweating treatment promoters want you to fail so you’ll line up and buy the next treatment (try asking any large national sweat treatment centre who they mail to the most and you’ll find it is to past “members” who have already completed their program several times... they know that if people got rid of their sweating problem and maintained it, it would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars).

I know the industry insiders will hate me for creating this web site. After all, they’re set to lose millions of dollars once everyone starts learning how to get rid of sweaty palms with a proven sweat loss solution.

But that’s just too bad. Millions of people around the world have been victimized by the sweat industry for too long and I am determined to change the entire industry.





Hi Don,

I am THRILLED with the results of your program and am ecstatic that I found it and purchased it.

I'd be very happy to write a testimonial. I am 21 years old and am a Musical Theatre major at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. I have had horrible problems with my hands my whole life. It was so embarrassing doing scenes with clammy hands. In dance classes, my hands would leave puddles on the floor. Today, I attended my first dance class with NO hand sweating. It's 84 in Chicago! I kept doing research, because I was cast in my first professional Chicago show. I felt so bad for my dance partner when we have a featured tango. My hands were out of control. Now I'm excited! In acting, singing, and dancing, you always work hands on with people. I am also filming the tv show BOSS (with Kelsey Grammar). I am relieved that I can relax about my palms. Even on photoshoots, I have been distracting that my hands would become a problem. This program is life changing!

Thank you,


Imagine how it is going to feel to be able to confidently thrust your hand forward and firmly shake the hand of every person you meet. Picture what it is going to be like to hold hands with someone you care about and know it is a pleasant experience for them. Think about how you are going to feel when you no longer have to panic at the prospect of touching someone. (Stop. Read this paragragh again.)

Day 1: Your first day with the secrets to cure sweaty palms. You perform the first treatment and already your palms feel dryer. You feel more confident and go about your day with a positive outlook.

Day 3: The Sweaty Palms Program is working and you're starting to notice decreased sweat from your palms.

Day 5: You start to visualize having completely dry hands and shaking hands with people with zero fear!

Day 7: Your visualizations are becoming more of a reality. You shake someones hand without wiping your palms on your trousers before.

Day 10 and beyond: You feel different. You have more energy. Your confidence is unbreakable, you know nothing can stop you!

This is the Sweaty Palms Program

Just in case you are not quite convinced we want to totally reassure you. We believe in our product; we want you to as well. So we offer you the most amazing guarantee you will ever read. 



The Complete Confidence 110% Guarantee

We are so sure of the intense power of this product we want to offer you a guarantee that completely reassures you.

If you read though this whole system and implement all the secrets and still feel any moisture on your hands during the next sixty days – we will return every cent of your purchase price - plus 10% of the sale price! All we ask is that you fill in a standard feedback form that we will mail to you.

This product sets people free from wet palms and social embarrassment – we know it – so we are completely comfortable giving you this guarantee.

How much would you expect to pay for a product that will charge your social life so radically?

What would you give to be rid of wet, slimy palms forever? Whatever your answer is we know you are going to be pleasantly surprised with our price.

Isn’t $29.99 is a small price to pay for a product that gives you back control of your social life and eradicates the embarrassment of wet hands forever - especially when it comes with a guarantee like this one?

We won’t continue to go on about what a bargain this price is – we know you know.

Buy right now.

Small Price; New Confident You.

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Our 50% off "National Sweating Awareness Week" sale will come to a close at 11.59pm on  . Limited time only.






The Sweaty Palms Program Testimonials

Sarah's Video Testimonial

Debbie's Video Testimonial 


The Sweaty Palms Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is The Sweaty palms Program? 

The Sweaty Palms Program is an instantly downloadable ebook. The program will show you how to quickly and easily treat the cause of sweaty palms. It targets the internal, external and mental causes of sweaty palms.






The Sweaty Palms Program will safeguard your personal credit information. All transactions are encrypted with powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as the telephone.

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Our 50% off "National Sweating Awareness Week" sale will come to a close at 11.59pm on. Limited time only.